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Download AltCal

Iwrite AltCal for my own pleasure, and I'm proud to propose it for downloading. It's absolutely free and you may use it without any obligation. Naturally, I can't garantee that results are always right, and you use AltCal at your own risk.

AltCal is available for different countries and differnet language, but it's easy to adapt the international version for your own usage. You may change :

If you like itand change it, please be nice enough to YOUR version with a word or two. For example, Ruggero, from Milano, include the rules for the Ambrosian Liturgical Calendar that is now available for download.

Maybe someone somewhere is waiting for the version you've built.

AltCal is updated from time to time. Check current release on the Release notes page.

The documents proposed for downloading are Excel spreadsheets with visual basic code.

I didn't introduce viruses in them, but you don't have to believe me! So be cautious and take some precautions depending on the version of Excel you use.

You must have Excel 98 Macintosh Edition or Excel:Mac 2001 on Macintosh and Excel 97 (Office 97) or up (including Office XP) on Windows. I don't have any information about compatibility of Excel:mac 2001 on MacOs X, nor compatibility of current version of AltCal with Office v.X.

To open documents :

The following spreadsheets are available, depending on the country you live:

  • American version including federal holidays for the U.S.A.
  • Canadian version with federal Canadian holidays. Holidays for all provinces are ready to be used (thank's to Gordon). Just check the date of the change from Julian to Gregorian calendar and have a look at the page of the settings to learn how to activate them.
Charger AltCal pour le Canada
  • A calendar for Czech Republic (thanks Martin).
  • The calendar for Catalunia (thanks David).
  • French version including holidays for France
  • A liturgical Calendar for Germany and Austria (Thanks to Johannes)
  • International version with minimum settings that may be used as a model for your own calendar. Take a look at the Setup page to know how to customize your version.
  • Italian Ambrosian Liturgical Calendar ... An Ambrosian Liturgical Calendar in Italian!